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"   I am more sensitive than other people. Things that other people would not notice awaken a distinct echo in me, and in such moments of lucidity, when I look at myself, I see that I am alone, all alone, all alone.   "
Henri Barbusse (via rauchwolken)
"   I have already died all deaths / And I am going to die all deaths again.   "
Hermann Hesse, Poems (via thegayyestonee)

Sucks to be uncomfortable around people I used to be most comfortable with. Not only that but my heart not longer lies in that state.. Nor do I ever want to be there.. Believe it or not, New York can be a lonely ass state.. Even when there are thousands of people surrounding you, you still feel alone.

I realize that I fucked up a lot, but I’ve also realized half of the people Ive ever associated myself with aren’t worth my time.. As I’m sure in their heads, I’m not worth theirs .. But I’d much rather be alone than with people who don’t give any shits and make me or anyone else feel insignificant/uncomfortable.. I would rather keep my distance and continue bettering myself, for myself.. I’m honestly a lot happier without most of everyone anyways.


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